Hyper Aadi denies participating in Bigg Boss 5 Telugu as a contestant

As the second wave of Corona subsided, there was a rumor that the Bigg Boss might start soon. In this context, interesting rumors started circulating about Telugu Bigg Boss Season 5. Season 5 is about to start, even though it’s Corona time. News is coming that arrangements are being made for it and that celebrities and Hyper Aadi, Shekhar Master have been selected for the show.

When there are doubts about whether there will be an actual show, some believe that the news that stars like Hyper Adi and Shekhar Master‌ have been selected is surprising.

The Jabardast team responded by wondering if Hyper Aadi was really going to go to Bigg Boss. The news is all rumors, especially since no one thinks that a star like Hyper Adi will leave Jabardast.

Hyper Aadi said, “Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first and then going back to Jabardast. Once I left Zabardast, I could not set foot again.”

Especially for those who have appeared in the Bigg Boss show, there is no chance of Jabardast again, says everyone in the industry. He says he can do movies but will not go to the Bigg Boss show.

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