Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Contestants List: Probable Contestants of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Revealed

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 is on a roll and many aspects of the show are just getting sorted. The most important aspect are the contestants. The netizens are on a roll trying to figure out, who the next contestants would be. Let’s look at some probable contestants.

Bigg Boss Season 5, will have a fresh set of contestants with many social media stars taking on the show. The official set of contestants will be revealed ahead of the Grand Premier. But we are too curious, and want to take you through our theories on who would be the contestants.

Probable Contestants

  1. Durga Rao

A comedian with a superb timing, and a social media icon. It seems he would be shoo-in for this season. Rao is known for creating content along with his wife. He will bring the comedic touch as well as the fanbase of the commoners. Since, his content is very popular amongst the village folk in Telangana.

  1. Varsha

The words ‘Jabardasth’ Varsha is a household name in Telangana. The hilarious and sultry beauty has set hearts on fire. It seems she will be bringing a glamorous factor to the Bigg Boss Season 5 as well. She is known for stellar comedy videos, but she has also started creating a niche for herself a glamorous model through many of her photo shoots.

3. Hyper Aadi

Another comedian of the ‘Jabardasth’ fame. Kota Aadhayya also known as ‘Hyper’ Aadi is a force to be reckoned with. His skits and sarcasm are his trademarks. If he joins Bigg Boss Season 5 he is bringing his satire and wit to the stage. He would be a shrewd choice because of his popularity and stage presence.

4.Anchor Ravi

A man with many hats, a personable anchor with a chocolate boy looks. He is a favourite amongst women and has a large fanbase. It helps that he used to serve in the army, because becoming an anchor. He will bring in his rugged charm and good looks to Bigg Boss Season 5. He will also bring in the female demographic if he becomes a contestant in the show.

It seems we are in for a ride in this season of Bigg Boss Telugu 5. Let’s see what the days will bring for us.



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