Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: When is it really starting and the contestants shortlisted?

Doubts have been raised as to whether Telugu Bigg Boss Season 5 will be out this year. Star Maa is making all the arrangements to start the season.

A list of 100 people was compiled a few months ago. Attempts are being made to remove 50 of them already and shorten the list. Recently, there was a rumor circulating on social media about the list of contestants. There are no contestants for Telugu Bigg Boss Season 5 so far.

The news is that no one is interested in going into the house because the cash prize for the winner is meager at the moment, and there are some doubts about the COVID 19 care.

The list of 50 people is already ready to go to Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss is definitely going to blow the audience away. Couples are also going to go this time. They said they were preparing to shortlist the show by September 2021 or October 2021.

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