Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: This is the list of Bigg Boss 5 contestants and there is no common man

Television viewers know about the reality TV show Bigg Boss. Not only in Telugu but also Tamil, Hindi, and Malayalam. Already four seasons in Telugu have thoroughly impressed the audience. Seasons 5 is also about to begin. The audience is waiting to see who the contestants will be. The names of several celebrities have already been heard as well.

Last season introduced more television and silver screen celebrities, Somewhat introduced social media celebrities. It seems that more and more social media is taking stars this season. But so far, it is not clear who the contestants are. It appears that the strong contestants have been selected. The list of some contestants has come out recently. Who else is on that list so far?

Anchor Ravi, Cine Character Artist Priya, Jabardast Seenu, Anchor Varshini, Raghu Master, Character Artist Surekha Vani, TV Muddugumma Navya Swamy, YouTube Star Shanmukh Jashwant, Heroine Isha Chawla, TV Actress Siri, Lobo Tak, Singer Tang, Tiktok star Durga Rao, TV9 Pratyusha and TV actors Siddharth Verma and Vishnu Priya have gone viral will be seen part of Bigg Boss Telugu 5.

It seems that the star has planned this season with our double budget. Also, make some arrangements to impress the audience more. Tasks will be in the same range. It seems that the makers are working hard for this season. At the same time, Nagarjuna’s name is heard as the host for this season. Recently there are rumors that another actor, Rana, will be hosting. The show is set to air in the first week of September 2021.

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