Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Starting Date in September? Exclusive Details Revealed

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu has taken netizens by storm. The season 4 was extremely popular. When Covid happened, it brought a real damper in the plans for the fifth season. But something seemed to have changed this time around. The makers revealed that the work towards the fifth season of Bigg Boss Telugu was on. A lot of questions have come up, who would be the contestants and the host. But most importantly, when would this season 5 start? Many factors are in the picture, restrictions on filming and also with the situation in India. Let’s read for more details.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Starting Date

A few things are set now; the host would be the incomparable Nagarjuna, who will be hosting yet again. This will be the third time he would be hosting the show. The contestants are still in the process of being selected. The news is abuzz every day about the number of contestants. The contestants will be revealed before the show starts.

When it comes to the date, a lot of conflicting reports are being circulated. Some sources say it is in September 2021. But one thing is for sure, Star Maa is caving under the massive audience pressure, and the work is one to create the show and cash in on the current buzz as quickly as possible. It is quite certain that the show will start in September and finish by the end of this year. The makers are keeping us in suspense as much as possible on this. There are too many conflicting reports right now; some reports say August, some say October. August seems to be too early, and October too late. The makers won’t start creating buzz if they don’t have an ultimate game plan.

The most important thing to do right now is to wait for further information. So stay tuned in this space. We will keep you posted on every aspect of Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu.

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