Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Contestants List Updates: Five Confirmed Contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Revealed

Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu is on a roll, the eagerly awaited program is back on track in September. But right now, the makers are conducting interviews to shortlist the contestants for Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu. The contestants are picked carefully, the makers try to pick a wide variety based on different demographics to get the maximum TRPs. The makers are following strict quarantine rules to maintain order and to ensure the season goes along without a hitch. Few things are certain, the host will be actor Nagarjuna. This will be the third time he would be hosting.

Let’s look at the five contestants who seem to be a shoo-in for this season. With the way things are getting sorted, many social media stars seem to be a part of this season.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Contestant List

  1. Shanmukh Jaswanth

Shanmukh Jaswanth is a famous Youtuber, and he is truly the Gen Z star. A multi-talented performer who creates dance, comedy and story videos for the platform. He started out when he was a college student, but when one of his videos a cover on Chiranjeevi’s film got him virality. He built his social media presence and he created a web series called software Developer, which was critically acclaimed. He also worked on a movie Nannu Dochukunduwate.

  1. Deepika Pilla

Deepika Pilla is also yet another social media sensation. She modelled and acted in a few films, and then found her niche in Tik Tok. Following the ban of the app, she shifted her focus to Instagram and Youtube, where she continues to gain a large following.

Deepika pilli bigg boss 5 telugu

  1. Singer Mangli

Mangli (Satyavathi Chauhan) is a striking figure in her traditional Banjara attire. She is responsible for the renaissance of the traditional Telengana folk music. Her dulcet voice has sung in many an event both national and international. She has stayed close to her folk roots but her songs ‘Bullet’ and ‘Ramulo Ramulaa’ has found a lot of popularity.

  1. Anchor Varshini

Varshini Sounderajan, is a very well known as an actress and presenter. She made her debut in Chandamma Kathalu, which launched her career to the stratosphere. She has worked in television series as well as in reality shows. Varshini was the lead in Pelli Gola, and went on to star in the show for three seasons.

  1. TV 5 Murthy

The famed anchor seems to have also been linked for this season. His controversial actions and statements have brought in the viewers. Will he do the same for Bigg Boss Season 5?

These are just some of the contestant names that have been circulating as of yet. Reports that confirmations will start rolling in soon. Stay tuned in this space to learn more on this.




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