Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Contestants List Update: Singer Mangli to be a part of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5?

Satyavathi Rathod professionally known as Mangli, is a famous face in and around Telangana. She is known for her mellifluous voice, and her charming smile. It seems that she will be joining Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5. This is indeed amazing for both Mangli and Bigg Boss Telugu fans. So, let’s learn about the star a bit more so that we can understand more about her presence.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 has been all over the news. There is so much hype about this season of the show, and also about the contestants. Reports are abuzz that famed Banjara singer Mangli is also going to be a part.

Singer Mangli in Bigg Boss Season 5 Revealed

Mangli, hailing from the nomadic Banjara community, has thrilled audiences with her voice. She started as a classical singer trained in Carnatic music. She began to perform outside of India. Then one day, due to encouragement of some well-wishers she decided to try out singing for Telugu movies. Thus, began her career as a playback singer.

Her famous songs include “Saranga Dariya”, “Ramuloo Ramulaa”, are evergreen hits and cemented her place as a formidable musician. Mangli has never forgotten her Banjara roots, and has done a lot of bring up her community. She has sung songs to bring focus on Telangana as a state, and also to felicitate events.

If she is a part of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5, Singer Mangli will her voice, and charismatic persona to the show.

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