Anchor Varshini and Singer Mangli not participating in Bigg Boss Telugu season 5

Usually, when the Bigg Boss offer comes, someone will fly away. Ordinary people became quite a famous overnight with this show. It is no exaggeration to say that with this show, many people gained recognition in the masses. Going into details. Bigg Boss in Telugu is all set for season 5. Bigg Boss Season 5 is set to begin in September. It has been reported that this time Rana Daggubati will replace Nagarjuna as the host of Bigg Boss Season 5. But that did not come true. This time too, Nagarjuna will be the host. The promo has already been released as well.

Bigg Boss has completed four seasons in Telugu so far. In the fourth season of Bigg Boss, Abhijit became the winner and won the prize money. In the case of Big Boss. First Time NTR in Telugu acted as the host of this reality show. Natural star Nani will be the host for the second season after that. Nagarjuna Akkineni hosted the third and fourth seasons. Now once again, Nag is acting as the host. Recently, the Bigg Boss team made a huge offer to Singer Mangli and famous anchor Varshini to participate in the show.

The names of Singer Mangli and Anchor Varshini were heard on the show. Already Singer Mangli is full busy with a series of movies. Anchor Varshini on the other hand, is full busy with many TV shows. Needless to say, Bigg Boss could not participate in the show due to the commitments already accepted. So there are no records of those who participated in this show getting big opportunities outside. The winners are Shiva Balaji, Kaushal Manda, Rahul Sipliganj, and Abhijeet. That’s why it seems that Bigg Boss turned down the offer to participate in the show. We will have to wait a few more days to know how true this news is.

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